Dramatically improve your bottom line
  • Your engineers will love the easy to use text interface, Improves their efficiency and provides better detail on the service performed

  • Use for scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure the equipment is well maintained

  • Capture pictures and record work completed.

  • See how the automated dispatch virtually eliminates the need for dedicated dispatch saving you real money

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Service Companies

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Automated Dispatch

Instant communication for all users on-the-go.

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Lower Cost to Operate

  • Creating and closing out work orders is simple for your technicians

  • The AI engine reminds technicians daily of which work orders they have outstanding leading to more efficient work order close outs

  • Most service companies can benefit greatly from the automated AI based dispatch 

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February 27, 2020

Save $ and do it better with AI

A case study on challenges a property management and operations company was able to overcome with the use of Terminus AI.

President, Blackfin, LLC

John Pauley, P.E.

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Close a work order

Make it quick and simple to close a work order for those in the field


Engineers stay up-to-date automatically

Time and materials

Make it quick and simple to close a work order for those in the field

Asset Management

Capture more data
  • Record work order history to each piece of equipment easily

  • As you are closing out, the tool will prompt you for your view of the useful life of this piece of equipment so you can flag for the next budgeting cycle

  • Allows you to easily attach pictures and copies of invoice

API Integration

No need for the engineer to think about which System the customer uses


Terminus will integrate
with most CMMS systems. Your engineers will use the text interface they are accustomed to using

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