Retain key tenants with exceptional response when issues arise. By allowing them an easy to use text tool, the tenants are able to inform of equipment needing attention.
After closing the ticket receive valuable feedback on their experience and their likelihood of renewing

Property Owners

Improve responsiveness and communication 

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Concierge Service Level

  • By providing a terminus text number to tenants you provide them a service that is highly differentiated.

  • They are informed of when to expect a response and they are asked upon closing the ticket to rate the service level. 

  • Any changes in the schedule automatically informs the tenant who reported the issue so communication does not get dropped.

Which service technicians are meeting their obligations

  • Easily view the time to closure of different types of work orders

  • Allow data driven discussions which will drive better results

  • Allows you to see entire portfolio or specific property details

Get better visibility to Equipment Health 

  • Data is accumulated on each major System to provide you visibility to the cost of maintenance.

  • Field Personnel are asked to estimate the useful life on each piece of equipment to provide visibility to Capital requirements for major system repairs, upgrades or replacement.

  • Confirm that preventative maintenance is being completed insuring you get the best ROI. 

Are urgent work orders being handled on time?

  • Urgent work orders have special handling to drive fastest response

  • Allows for quickest response from all available qualified resources. Keeps property manager up to date.

  • Insures all stakeholders are involved and being updated real time on Urgent events. Thus reducing any incremental damage to your property.

Tenant Sentiment

  • Creating work orders is simple for tenants using text

  • Tenants are automatically notified every step of the way

  • Gather tenant sentiment when work orders are closed out

Delight your customers

Automated Dispatch

Lower operating costs

  • Engineers are able to create and close work orders via text messages

  • Tenants can create work orders by  texting designated number

  • Work orders are automatically routed to preferred and alternate resources for timely response

  • Everyone is updated if anything changes

  • All information is updated seamlessly with your CMMS system via open API

Automated Dispatch Visual.png

Create a work order

Initiate work orders with a quick text while you're on-the-go. It's never been easier. 

API Integration

Get more out of your existing tools


Terminus will integrate
with most IWMS or CMMS systems. 

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