The key is driving efficiency while delighting your customer. 
  • Terminus allows your engineers to increase their efficiency and provide your client with quicker response through the AI based solutions.

  • Data is collected on all of their activities providing you a valuable dashboard for Key Performance Indicators. 

  • Roll out to tenants allowing direct access and timely automated response.  

Property Managers

Create a work order

Work orders can be created by Tenants, Owners or your engineers. By involving more stakeholders you can drive better tenant sentiment. 

No need to open various apps everything is available via your normal text tools. Making you much more efficient. 

Automated Dispatch

​Lower cost to operate

  • Creating work orders is simple for tenants using text

  • Tenants are automatically notified every step of the way

  • Gather tenant sentiment when work orders are closed out

Automated Dispatch Visual.png

Time and materials

  • Capture all the key data related to the work performed.

  • Include the amount of time

  • Materials used

  • Which Equipment you worked on

  • Even add pictures of work performed or a copy of the invoice 

Improved Efficiency

Terminus helps reduce the overall cost and complexity of managing properties. The tool also greatly improves communications with your tenants as they are able to engage via text if you want to provide number. This allows them to notify your team of issues that need attention, and when closing out the job it solicits feedback on the responsiveness and satisfaction. 

API Integration

Get more out of your existing tools


Terminus will integrate
with most IWMS or CMMS systems. 

CMMS IWMS Diagram.png

Text unifies interface for your entire portfolio

  • Why text? Unlike other tools, 90% of all texts are answered within 3 minutes.

  • The same text tool combines with AI allows you to interface to most CMMS systems.

  • No need to perform a fork lift ripe and replacement of existing systems, the terminus tool can combine to provide a much more efficient workflow, allows full work order lifecycle maintenance. 

Automated dispatch

  • The intuitive conversational text system learns which engineers are available for each discipline. 

  • Depending on the urgency, as work orders are created available resources are notified. When they provide their availability the system assigns to the next available resource.  Leads to more timely closer or work orders

  • Field Service are reminded of their remaining work orders serving as a constant reminder to close out work orders

How happy are your tenants?

  • Allow tenants to simply submit work orders or emails

  • Keep tenants up-to-date automatically

  • Captures valuable tenant sentiment when closing out work order. Allows you to demonstrate a pattern of great performance

Data and visibility to health of building 

  • Provides dashboard which allows you to track many of the typical Key Performance criteria needed to provide reports to Building owners

  • Allows feedback loop from engineers when they repair an asset on their estimate of remaining service life to assist in capital planning.