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Why Conversational AI

Conversational AI evolved out of the core reasons why technology is a big part of our lives - to make our lives more efficient in a seamless and even entertaining way. Before we jump more into the why behind the technology, lets briefly touch on what it is.

What is Conversational AI

There are many definitions of Conversational AI but these are what you need to know:

  • It’s an interaction between a person and a machine.

  • AI allows the machine to understand, process, and respond to inputs in a natural way.

  • The result is a human-like conversation where the person is able to get the information they need from the convenience of their desktop, mobile device, or similar method or through a voice assistant like Alexa.

(For a refresher on Artificial Intelligence, we recommend this AI 101 Article or this video.)

Conversational AI is not a chatbot. While both are growing rapidly, in fact, conversational marketing and chat have seen a growth of 70% over the last year, chatbots are simply words going back and forth while Conversational AI brings in more engagement opportunities. The difference is in the back-end systems powering the interaction.

Why Conversational AI Matters

Especially in a time where interactions are limited and proximity to others is a cautionary choice, people are turning to technology to stay productive, stay healthy and stay sane. Conversational AI enables conversations to take place that would have been impossible just a few years ago or would have left us angrily tapping at our keyboards as we do with phone auto-attendants (ZERO, OPERATOR, PLEASE!).

Conversational AI allows people to focus on what’s important whether it’s following safety procedures at a restaurant, discussing late payment options for your apartment, or getting a reminder of open work orders at your building and so much more.

At our foundation, Terminus is a simple, text-based communication method to manage workflow for commercial real estate. We leverage AI to better manage workflows, get accurate data into systems, and improve record keeping because we know the limitations of existing software for property managers.

That’s why we built a solution to fix it.

Our solution is unique because it’s so easily adaptable. Terminus works via SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, directly with your CMMS’ app or desktop UI, and Alexa and others.

The challenge is how do you get people to talk to you? Do you require them to sign up for your app, your platform, or whatever system you’re using? Think of all the hurdles to that process ranging from space on a phone to remembering login information to the technical aptitude of users and everything in between. People need the data but they don’t want the hassle of getting it.

So, we decided to meet the user where they are. Conversational AI is the simple answer to this complex challenge. We spent years talking with people and simple conversations are the preferred method. To meet demands from other industries, we’ve taken our solution built for commercial real estate and expanded it. Just look at these examples of Terminus in action:

  • Cleaning and janitorial for commercial real estate (video)

  • COVID-19 approved building access (video)

  • Restaurant reservation and access (video)

  • Work order creation, status and closure (video)

  • Conference room reservations (video)

Interested in what Conversational AI can bring to your occupants, your customers, your entire business? We are, too. Let’s start the conversation.

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