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Simple Communication for Better Efficiency

The rise of BMS (building management systems) and BAS (building automation systems) in property management and facilities maintenance has changed the previously siloed industry of building operations. By bringing together and incorporating real time data from various sources within the building, these systems elevate the performance, comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings through giving FM teams a complete and comprehensive look into what is happening within their facility.

Unfortunately, these complex and powerful systems can be complicated for building operators working on the move and in multiple locations. Battling technology issues ranging from cellular or Wi-Fi coverage to forgotten passwords and more, on-time communication about what’s happening in buildings can be pushed to the back burner as team members move on to finish the next task.

Work orders are a large part of FM teams’ daily routines. Ongoing and preventative maintenances procedures are ignored when urgent processes like burned-out light bulbs, plumbing issues, and everything in between require immediate attention. Keeping on top of these issues can be challenging for those turning the wrenches, the dispatchers, and those looking for ways to improve the process.

Building occupants that need a repair to their space usually have to find the right person, make a call, send an email, or submit a webform for it to be known. Expectations for the right person to be available 24/7 and immediately enter repairs into a work order system are not realistic. This process also opens up the potential for input error including too little or inaccurate data.

Terminus’ Conversational AI makes this process easy by creating a direct and simple communication gateway between the user(s) and the BMS or BAS.

Creating a new work order is as simple as sending an SMS:

There are two main reasons data capture failure happens:

  • It is not clear what data should be collected.

  • It is too hard or cumbersome to collect data.

Terminus’ Conversational AI eliminates these two main barriers by clearly requesting all data necessary and doing so in a concise and easy to follow manner.

Filling out the details to close out the work order is just as simple:

The results?

Higher engagement from those opening, working on and closing out work orders, and more efficiency in the work order process from start to finish.

Terminus is an inexpensive and simple connector between users and intricate, necessary building systems to promote accurate and complete data collection, increase user engagement, and improve work order efficiency and completion rates.

To see how Terminus can simplify and enhance your current building systems, contact us for an overview and demo.

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