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In 2017, John Pauley, P.E., an owner of Blackfin, LLC. which is a operations and maintenance company recognized that the root cause of one of his biggest challenges stemmed from the dispatching process. With the up-rise of Computerization of Maintenance and Management Software solutions (CMMS) he quickly saw new challenges moving downstream to field technicians and engineers he was trying to manage.  

One of Kristen Beckner's key responsibilities at Blackfin was dispatching. Together, Kristen and John explored solutions on the market to help solve their challenges. They quickly learned that none of the solutions focused on the dispatching process. 

Kristen's brother, Matthew Beckner had recently sold his start up company which had great success in mobile contest applications for companies like Bud Lite and McDonalds.


Matt began to work with Kristen and the Blackfin team to create a disruptive idea; Text-messaging paired with AI to improve productivity. The result is Terminus AI.


In 2018, the new technology was deployed across Blackfin's portfolio. The results were impressive, engineers were able to create, and manage their workflow completely via text. Kristen no longer had to dedicate time to dispatching as Terminus AI was Blackfin's sole auto-dispatcher. The solution created significant time and money savings for Blackfin. Blackfin's technicians, engineers, dispatchers, property owners and property managers instantly recognized the value of how this technology was improving their workflow. The results were more than just financial - they had made a culture shift among the relationships and trust of all their end-users. 

In January 2020, John and Matt hired Kirk Roller to join the team to focus on a go to market and sales strategy. Since that time, the primary focus has been to integrate with the leading tools via their published API's. The end result is companies can see significant return on investment as they utilize Terminus's as-a-service tool, meaning users only pay as they use the tool. 

To date, the tool has been used for more than 18 months on just over 4.5M square feet.

Terminus was founded on a disruptive idea;

Text-messaging paired with AI to improve productivity.


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Terminus AI was founded


Terminus was first deployed 


Today 4.5M sq ft utilizes Terminus AI

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